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Oracle – Overview

What is an Oracle Database? A database is a collection of data. An Oracle database holds its data in a coordinated set of files stored on disk, including following types: Parameter Files The Oracle Parameter File (PFILE or SPFILE) holds initialization parameters which indicate where the control files are, how memory is allocated, how loggingContinue reading “Oracle – Overview”

Ethernet cable basics

There are several different varieties of Ethernet cable that can be obtained: speed variations, crossover cables, Cat 1 to 5, Cat 5 e, Cat 6, Cat 6 a, Cat 7, Cat 8, etc.. What is CAT? Its an abbreviation of “Category“. The Ethernet cables are available in a variety of lengths as patch cables, orContinue reading “Ethernet cable basics”

Network Firewall

What is Firewall in Networking? A firewall is a security device that monitors network traffic. It protects the internal network by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic based on a set of established rules. How Does a Firewall Work? A firewall is placed on the hardware or software level of a system to secure it fromContinue reading “Network Firewall”

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