Types of services in SQL Server

Each service in SQL Server represents a process or a set of processes to manage authentication of SQL Server operations with Windows. This topic describes the default configuration of services in this release of SQL Server, and configuration options for SQL Server services that you can set during and after SQL Server installation. Most services andContinue reading “Types of services in SQL Server”

Application Roles – SQL Server

An application role is a database principal that enables an application to run with its own, user-like permissions. You can use application roles to enable access to specific data to only those users who connect through a particular application. In SQL Server, application roles cannot access server-level metadata because they are not associated with aContinue reading “Application Roles – SQL Server”

TCP/IP Model

TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol. TCP/IP Model helps you to determine how a specific computer should be connected to the internet and how data should be transmitted between them. It helps you to create a virtual network when multiple computer networks are connected together. The purpose of TCP/IP model is to allow communication overContinue reading “TCP/IP Model”

Data Files

SQL Server database has two operating system files: a data file and a log file. Data files contain data and objects such as tables, indexes, stored procedures, and views. Log files contain the information that is required to recover all transactions in the database. Data files can be grouped together in filegroups for allocation andContinue reading “Data Files”

Database Backup

Database backup is also performed and managed to ensure that an organization complies with business and governance. A database backup is a copy of data from the database, which can be used to reconstruct the data. A database backup is a process to protect the data from various disasters. As you know disasters cannot beContinue reading “Database Backup”

Move from Oracle and other database platforms to SQL Server 2019 and get free licenses

Bring your Oracle, IBM Db2, Sybase ASE or Netezza databases over to Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and get free licenses as part of this offer*. Bring your existing database platform to SQL Server 2019 Take advantage of intelligence over all your data with Apache Spark and HDFS built-in. Query across data stored in Oracle, Teradata,Continue reading “Move from Oracle and other database platforms to SQL Server 2019 and get free licenses”